Friday, August 13, 2010


Vacation time is here! I'm heading out to Montreal for a week.

First we're staying at a cottage north of Montreal with friends for a few days and then we're going into downtown Montreal for some sightseeing and of course, good eats.

One thing I plan to do is to finally try some poutine because I have never had it before and people are shocked when I mention this fact about myself. I know it's just fries with gravy and squeaky cheese curds but I very rarely eat french fries with gravy in Toronto so I guess, as the saying goes...'when in Rome'... or rather 'when in Montreal.'

I've been to Montreal once before. It was a short trip mainly focusing on meeting with some friends from abroad, so we did things as a group. I didn't get to visit the places I wanted to nor eat at the restaurants I wanted to because...we made decisions as a group. We went to pubs that served primarily beer and I don't drink beer. (Beer drinkers, I know I won't get any sympathy from you!) We ate at a restaurant that was over my budget at the time. I somehow managed to piss off the server when I didn't order a pre-dinner Port like everybody else at the table did. The server obviously had her own agenda.

This time I have an agenda. Bakeries to visit are at the top of my list. Bagels and smoked Montreal meat are not my thing, so I won't be hunting down any authentic bagel shops like St-Viateur Bagel, or deli meat shops, like Schwartz's.

I would like to go back to Old Montreal and explore it more. The quaint shops especially. There is also an art exhibit I would like to check out. The artist is a friend of a friend and I really like her paintings.

All in all, a time for me in Montreal.

If you have any (affordable!) suggestions about what to see, eat and do while in Montreal, please leave me a comment.


kickpleat said...

Oooh, don't miss the St. Viateur bagels or the pickles and smoked meat sandwiches at Schwartz's. They really are way better than anything you'd find anywhere else. I won't egg you on to try good beer (even the fantastic hibiscus pink brew at Dieu du Ciel). Okay, enough! Have a great visit!

Bijoux said...

Thanks kickpleat! I have been to Schwartz's before. I had the grilled chicken sandwich, and stole the pickle off my husband's plate LOL! Okay, maybe I'll check out the bagel place, if I can get a bagel with lox! Hmm, the term "hibiscus pink" has already piqued my interest.

cserdan said...

Oh have fun!!!!

I haven't been to Montreal since I was in university. I have foggy recollections of the Peel Pub and my feet sticking to the floor :)

Have a wonderful time! I'm sure it is going to be amazing.