Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm an Ecoholic.

I've been reading this book for a couple of days and I highly recommend it. I borrowed the book from the library but I am actually considering getting my own copy. It's a great reference book. If you haven't yet become aware of the many environmental issues surrounding our daily lives as well as the impact it has to our health - I suggest you have a peek into this book by Canadian writer Adria Vasil.

This book is chock full of tips and suggestions on alternative products that replace the harsh chemical based and environmentally destructive ones, found on the shelves of our local drug stores and supermarkets.

From cosmetics (my weakness) to household cleaners (I use vinegar to mop my floors) to food and clothing and everything in-between. This book addresses ways to make the switch from using for instance, an antiperspirant that is full of cancer-causing chemicals to an alternative and safer deodorant from 'Green Beaver Company' (a Canadian company, naturally).

Case in point, for the past 6 months I had been using a roll-on deodorant that clearly stated "No Aluminum Chlorohydrate" right on the cap. This week I made the switch to a deodorant from 'Green Beaver Company' when I discovered (by reading 'Ecoholic') that my regular deodorant's ingredients (listed right on the package in uber tiny font), actually contained formaldehyde. Yup, that's right - a cancer causing agent, that I was strategically applying to my armpits day after day, right next to my lymph nodes. Disgusting and scary!

So basically, the villain deodorant is from a company that makes OMBRA bath and hygiene products. They were touting their products as being "alternative" by removing the agent that is known for causing Alzheimer's - yet they added a slew of other harmful agents thus creating a misleading product for people concerned about what they put on their skin.

If you are ready to stop supporting companies that only care about making millions by selling their toxic chemical laden products, get your hands on a copy of this book.

Even if you only make one change in your daily regime, it's a positive change that will help you and the environment around you.

Disclaimer: I do not work for the 'Green Beaver Company' nor am I related to Adria Vasil. I am not pitching these products for any other reason other than to talk about my health and yours.