Saturday, May 17, 2008

Athens bound

This is what I will be viewing come Monday morning! Yesireebub, I am going to the country often referred to as the 'cradle of civilization' and to the origin of my roots...Athens, Greece!

As I was just in Greece approximately 8 months ago with my husband, I do not have an agenda or any special touristy plans for this trip other than to spend time with my mother and help her out with some domestic chores.

For those who have not seen the Acropolis or the Parthenon up close, I highly recommend that you get there soon. The Parthenon leaves you speechless. It is so majestic and colossal!! You feel so tiny next to it and revel in it's beauty and size. To think that this architectural wonder was built so long ago by people that had no access to modern technology or machinery is mind boggling. It leaves a lasting impression on any tourist -- young and old. You often find yourself asking "how did they build this structure so long ago?" It is often a question that baffles modern day architects and which has led to many discussions and debates in an effort to explain the Parthenon's construction during 448 - 432 BC.

Athens is like any other modern day city with many boutique shops and fine eateries, juxtaposed with the intensity of traffic congestion and acrid pollution. The city never really quiets down (or even sleeps) at night and the young locals are notorious for eating dinner at 10 or 11 pm and then proceeding to a beach side bar or patio to dance the night away.

Things I plan to see and do while I am in Athens:
  • visit shoe boutiques
  • browse through clothing boutiques
  • drool through the window of jewellery boutiques
  • stuff my face with baklava, ice cream, fresh fish and seafood
  • meet up with some relatives and friends
  • hang out with my mom
  • partake in major cleaning and organizing of the house my parent's own
  • get a bit of a tan
  • rest and relaxation
  • read books and magazines
  • watch some cheezy Greek television programs with subtitles
  • people watching
  • tell off taxi drivers who overcharge me - it has happened to me before and I actually spoke Greek to them too, so they knew I was not a tourist fresh off the plane
  • visit some Greek Orthodox churches
  • update my Greek identification and Euro Passport - time permitted
See you back here in early June.

As they say in Greek: Yeia sou!! (translation: good-bye & hello)