Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

I know I have not posted anything in a while. I have been busily studying (read: cramming) for my final exam tomorrow for the course: "Ecological Principles of Sustainability" at the Ontario College of Art and Design. This course was such an eye-opener and I learned a good deal about what I can do as a citizen to assist in the quest for sustainable living. The bulk of the course readings and discussions included articles promoting alternative energy sources like solar, wind and geothermal powered homes and products, energy efficiency/renewable energy, ecosystems and human interferences, natural selection/evolution and modern day sustainability in our city.

Coincidentally, it is also Earth Day today and although I don't have any special celebrations planned for the day, I wanted to share something super cool with you readers.

A few weeks ago I purchased this from Etsy.com:

It's a wooden cuff made from reclaimed wood with a screenprinted image of a honeycomb pattern. I love the whole idea behind this bracelet cuff. 1) It's mahogany wood. 2) The wood is reclaimed. 3) It's biodegradable. 4) It is lightweight and fits snugly on my wrist. 4) I love the image of the honeycomb on the surface. Insects are my thing and I find them so fascinating especially how they build their homes and habitats.

The brains behind this wooden cuff is the creative and talented Industrial Designer - Sara Schalliol. She also has some colourful, geometric necklaces on her Etsy shop made from wood, which I have been coveting for some time. And that is not all. Sara also designs and creates some funky jewellery trees for displaying your jewellery collectables.

So if you want to make an eco-conscious purchase today to commemorate Earth Day look no further than here.

Why couldn't I have thought of this idea when I was a student studying Industrial Design and had access to an abundance of wood scraps from the wood shop...doh!