Friday, October 16, 2009

Retail Therapy

Okay, so now that we are all caught up I just wanted to emphasize how important retail therapy is when you need a pick-me-up!

Etsy, as we all know, is a GREAT place to shop and despite my current unemployment status, I can still find some wonderful and unique items that won't break the bank.

Pretty Raccoon, a Toronto-based, on-line store sells a vast assortment of woman's clothing in a variety of colours and styles. They also sell some funky vintage clothes, but what I had been ogling for quite some time was their line of screen printed tops and scarves. So pretty!

Another bonus is that the Canadian dollar is almost on par with the U.S. dollar, so I did what any savvy shopper would do, I seized this opportunity. I purchased a black boat neck top with a white chandelier print and a raspberry scarf with silver seagulls printed on it.

My order arrived 3 days after I made's that for expedited service when you shop local. I just can't wait to try out my new purchases. I feel better already.