Monday, March 31, 2008

Green Coupons Galore

My little green book of BIG savings arrived today in the mail. I am so excited. It is full of local, Toronto-based 'green' businesses that are offering products and services for the aspiring ecoholic.

I can't wait to use the coupons to get a discount on a bicycle tune up or to purchase some new accessories for my bike like a wire basket. I'm so excited...Ohhhhh yeah!

I tend to be a coupon hound. I have the Entertainment coupon book for Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. I have used a dozen or so of these coupons/vouchers for discounts on restaurant meals and blockbuster movies.

I also go on-line and do a Google search for coupon sites that offer coupons to use in my city. I use coupons for groceries (Europe's Best frozen berries) and for entertainment (Cineplex theatres) and other necessities such razors and Tylenol.

This book offers some great deals! My husband couldn't even believe it . He thought it was a typo when one of the coupons indicated receive $20 off your groceries when you shop at "Organics on Bloor" (Street) ...can you believe that?

Some vegetarian/vegan/organic restaurants offer free appetizers. Others offer 10% off the bill. You can also find coupons to get you discounts (or one free class) for yoga or Pilates or a massage or a facial discount at an organic spa called Elixir. There are even services offered for your furry buddy like a nail clipping for Fido or Morris. It's also a great way to try out new restaurants and visit local businesses.

I think (for now) this little green book is only offered in Toronto. But you just never know, perhaps later 'the little green book' will become so popular that it will be available in other provinces. Spread the word.

Here is the site if you want to find out more about this little green gem!