Wednesday, July 14, 2010

dreamy and creamy

I have been jumping on the homemade ice cream/gelato bandwagon lately and enjoying the ride.

There is something quite satisfying about making your own ice cream. You get to adjust the ingredients to your liking. If you don't want it too sweet, reduce the sugar. If you want it low-fat, use 1% milk or soy milk OR make sorbet. If you want it crunchy, add some nuts or chocolate chips. If you don't want eggs in your ice cream custard, skip them.

Anyway you choose it, it's your own creation, so none of the additives and chemicals that you would find with commercial supermarket ice cream. Just spoonfuls of creamy, cold goodness.

With the rosewater ice cream , I followed the recipe loosely (see link). I omitted the eggs in the recipe and just made a simple cream base and added rosewater (God, how I love thee). I also added chocolate chips, which I don't think really went well with the flowery, delicate flavour of the rosewater. Oh well, next time I'll add pistachio nuts or candied lemon peel. See what I mean? You're the boss...

Of all these ice cream flavours below, my favourite so far was the lemon gelato. Oh boy! I've made it twice already. Just 4 ingredients. You can't go wrong with that!


cserdan said...

I've never tried this before. Looks yummy!

Bijoux said...

Charlene, Once you taste homemade ice cream, it's hard to go back to supermarket brands. You can still make your own ice cream without a machine, it just may be a bit more time consuming. I'm sure your boys would get a kick out of creating their own ice cream flavours!