Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's getting there...

Well I'll be...I have banana peppers growing! Hot banana peppers! Yeah!

I foresee a dish of hot banana peppers stuffed with ricotta cheese or chèvre and fresh herbs and pan fried in olive oil. So very yum!

I also had a tiny green bell pepper but a pesky squirrel came around and scooped out the innards, i.e. the seeds. So my husband built some kind of protective barrier around the potted pepper plant to protect them. So far I think it's worked.

The rest of these images are just a few snap shots of the herbs growing in the herb garden.




So, all in all, a good decision on my part to grow herbs on the front lawn! I can only imagine how luscious the tomatoes would have turned out on the front lawn with 8 hours of sunlight. I sense a "told you so" moment arising.


cserdan said...


My basil is officially kaput. I've tried over the last 3 years and each time it withers away within a couple of weeks. I don't know what I'm doing wrong!!!!! How do you do it?

Bijoux said...

Charlene, I'm no expert but I think with basil you need a good deal of sunshine. The more the better. Periodic watering and good compost soil. This is the first time my basil has thrived. I usually have basil in a flower pot but this year I stuck it in the ground. Maybe this helped too?

kickpleat said...

Wow, those herbs are really getting huge! Yup, tomatoes would have been a great choice. At least you know for next year.

Bijoux said...

Jeannette: The dill and the basil plants are almost a foot and a half tall! And yes, tomatoes would have been a winner!