Monday, November 24, 2008

Today, I'll have my cake and eat it.

I love eating birthday cake!!

There are so many great things about it:
Celebratory. Pretty. Fancy. Colourful. Decadent. Rich. Creamy. Sweet. Delicious. Tasty. Satisfying. Moist. Melt in your mouth. Euphoric.

And some not so great things:
Addictive. Fattening. Stores junk in the trunk. Sugary. Caloric. Cavity-causing. Coma-inducing.

Am I forgetting anything? Ah, yes...!

Birthday cakes also mark another year of getting OLDer!! Don't ask. I'm not telling.

Can I have my cake now?!

I need to drown my woes of getting older in a whopping slice of decadency.

Happy Birthday to me!

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cserdan said...

happy birthday!!!!!

enjoy your treat!

where oh where did those fabulous-looking cupcakes come from? they look divine.

Laurie Constantino said...

Happy Birthday!! Didn't anyone ever tell you that birthday cake has 0 calories when you eat it on your birthday? It's only the day after that you need to worry about!

kickpleat said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a great year and eat all the cake you want. Really :)

Bijoux said...

cserdan: Thank you for your B-day wish! I did not get my cake today but I do plan on having some very soon :) The image with the cupcakes was taken from someone's blog. I home I did not commit a felony. I've listed the blog source at the bottom of my post as reference.

Laurie: Thank you for your B-day wish. I don't recall ever hearing about the zero calorie cake on birthdays, but since I did not get my cake today, I did in fact consume a zero calorie cake LOL

kickpleat: Thanks for your B-day wishes. Since I had work this afternoon and then I had my evening course afterwards, I did not get my decadent birthday cake, but I do plan on tracking one done soon and indulging :) Dufflet's bakery makes some good ones!!