Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Custom orders

Two bracelets, hot of the pliers, ready to be worn on someone's wrist. These two bracelets are actually custom made for a client. The client wanted a "gaudy" bracelet with a little bit of vintage thrown in. One for her, the other for her sister. The client has seen photos of both bracelets and is very pleased with the results.

I have also acquired a new selection of Fall/Winter inspired beads and will be creating some new pieces for my Etsy shop. Coming soon!


Laurie Constantino said...

I love the variety of beads you're using - both bracelets are lovely. It's windy today on the island - we went to Gomati this morning to watch the waves. Very gorgeous, but also chilly. It's going to be hard to leave. Is your mom back yet?

kickpleat said...

i love that first bracelet! lovely work!

Bijoux said...

Thanks Laurie!!
Yes, the "windy island" as it's often referred to in travel books, has rightly earned it's name ;) Sorry, I'm not familiar with Gomati, where is it located? Actually my mother is currently in Athens and is expected to return in mid-October. She's bringing back several sun-dried octopuses, a significant number of salamoura and valeraki cheeses, cans of honey, hand-picked oregano, and who knows what else, LOL!

Thanks kickpleat. I do to, which is why it's so hard to part with what I make sometimes :)

Dawn said...

Congrats on the house! I know how exciting that can be. Decorating is the best part.
Did you ever get your haircut? I can't remember if I asked you or not.

Bijoux said...

hi Dawn! Thanks, I am looking forward to decorating the new place so much that my stack of interior design magazines and books is getting taller every week.

This upcoming Tuesday is the big day to snip off my mop. I've waited 2 weeks for this appointment. The Aveda Training school is a popular place for getting a great haircut on the cheap.