Wednesday, June 11, 2008 project in the works

I have been busy lately working on a new design project with my husband. We are designing a medical product. Unfortunately at this time, I will have to be a little bit cryptic as the design competition is being discussed on someone's blog.

It feels great to get my hands on a new project and revisit all the militant and fascist rules of design that I learned in school - not that there is anything wrong with that! For instance...what makes good design? is the product ergonomic? is the product user friendly? does form follow function? yada yada yada

Today I bought some Fimo and made a prototype. This prototype will be photographed and imported into Illustrator so that I can play around with the interface and colour swatches.

My husband is working on the design proposal and figuring out how this product will work.

The deadline to submit the design proposal is Sunday. I promise to share more about this mystery project once the competition is over. Wish us luck!!


kickpleat said...

yay for projects! good luck with the competition.

Bijoux said...

kickpleat - It's down to the wire today. We have altered the initial design twice already. Encountered importing image problems from Illustrator to Photoshop. Figured out new ways of making it "work." Got on each others nerves several times. Kissed and made up. We're finalizing the design brief right now. Yikes! I'm stressed.