Sunday, February 10, 2008

I love Mary Janes.

Women love shoes and I am no exception. My dream job is to one day work at a shoe company designing shoes. In my world, shoes have to have the following qualities: snazzy/aesthetic/stylish/funky design, comfort, durability and all at reasonable price. Tall order - I know. Mind you, I know that a good pair of shoes can set you back a few hundred. I have been known on occasion to dish out up to $200 for a pair of shoes without batting an regrets. If you're going to invest in a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes - I say, you get what you pay for.

I love mary janes. That's right, timeless, classic mary janes. I have several pairs and variations of the classic mary jane in a slew of colours. There's a bronze pair (purchased 5 years ago and stlll ticking) with a slight kitten heel (Kenneth Cole) and a red pair of Chinese flats (China town) and several black pair - one of which is a partial shiny patent leather (Bandolino). I even have a two-toned spectator mary jane shoe with a kitten heel...a style right out of the 1940's (Franco Sarto).

Mary Janes are so cute! They can be worn with both pants and skirts. They make my feet look good and feel even better. No pinched toes or bony outgrowths as a result of wearing pointy stiletto shoes. Don't get me wrong, high heels make ones legs appear longer, more streamlined, they emphasize the muscles on a woman's legs, men find them sexy and they complete the look of a sophisticated business suit or a dress for a formal black tie event. They are also very uncomfortable and throw your posture out of alignment and over the years can create irreversible damage to your feet. I really am amazed when I see women wear them everyday to work. Ouch!

Every season there is a new take on the classic mary jane and I'm right there in the shoe stores, mulling over the new seasons selection...which pair do I buy this year?

John Fluevog


kickpleat said...

i'm also a mary-jane hoarder. i've got lots...i love those purple and green ones and those camper-looking ones up top. sigh!

Bijoux said...

Kickpleat - Ha - it's funny that one of the shoe styles you like is actually from a Canadian shoe company!
I have added some links to the websites below the pictures, so that you may "investigate" the company if interested :D

Laurie Constantino said...

Yep, me too - my favorite kind of shoe now and always. I'm glad you posted this because I need to find a new brand and you gave me some ideas. I used to wear Keens, but they recently did a design change that makes them unwearable for me (they moved the brand name that they emboss on the insole from the arch to the heel and the embossing is so deep on my new pair it gave me blisters - luckily, I was able to bring them back - a story showing the importance of good design).

Bijoux said...

Laurie - I've always liked Keens for their aesthetic design although I have never owned a pair because (surprisingly)I seem to have a hard time tracking them down in my city. It's definitely an item I would need to order via internet or on a trip south of the border.
These days I'm partial to Clarks - Privo! brand. My winter boots are Clarks and they are so comfortable and cute too!

See them below:

Fawn said...

Cute, cute, cute! Just popping by to see you via kickpleat. I left another response for you on her blog, too. :)

Cheers from Whitehorse.