Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring cleaning


No, no...don't leave!

This IS the "Keep it Simple" blog. You ARE at the right place.

I did some Spring cleaning. It was long overdue actually.

I decided to change my blog header. (Hurray Photoshop course!!)

I went with something lighter on the soul and um, let's call it ..."tranquil and peaceful and zen."


I grew a bit tired of the black background and so I decided to go with a more traditional sterile white. I may change this though. There is such a thing as too much white, right?

I've also changed some font colours around.

I'm still experimenting with things so next time you visit, the blog may seem a tad different again.

I love feedback. So if you have any sound advice, I'm listening.


cserdan said...

love your new look!

kickpleat said...

I can see it still needs a few tweaks, but I love white backgrounds as they are so much easier to read off of. Nice work!

Joanne Tsakos said...

Hi Joanne!
Are you the Joanne that left me a message a while back on my blog? I still have a hard time getting around the blog/twitter communication methods. geesh!! Anyway, great site and beautiful jewellery!
p.s. Nice to meet you :)

Bijoux said...

Thanks Charlene! I hope you've fully recovered from the flu now.

Very good advice, kickpleat! Thanks! It did need major tweaking and so I found some ways to adjust the existing templates, without having to crack open that dreadful HTML bible :)

Hi Joanne! Yes, that was me, the Joanne that wrote that msg :) Thanks for stopping by here. And thanks so much for your kind words!