Sunday, March 21, 2010

a walk down memory lane

I have been digging into my numerous art portfolios of yesteryear and walking down memory lane as I unroll my drawings and dust off my old paintings.

Have a look at what I unearthed recently:

a cubist ink drawing of moi (1992)

me holding an onion (how symbolic!)
chalk pastel/conte (1999-2000)

gouache paint in a multi-colour me (1999-2000)

chalk pastel and peeking self (1999-2000)

These are all self-portraits drawn for my various drawing classes over the past 20 years. I swear I'm not vain. Well, maybe just a little - but these self-portraits were requested by my art instructors over the years. Frida Kahlo did several self-portraits of herself too so self-portraits is a common theme in art.

I have plenty more drawings/paintings to scan or photograph and upload. Some really weird stuff from my abstract Salvador Dali-inspired days. Like this one for instance:

an oil painting called "Hush" (1993)

Stay tuned...


jeannette said...

you are a talented lady! so funny to unearth all those forgotten about gems. i wish i would have gone to art school instead of all my wasted university education. well, maybe not all of it was wasted, but man, it's hard to figure out your life at 19.

Bijoux said...

Thank you so much jeannette! Yup - I know that experience all too well! I wasted 4 years at York U (not by choice) and studied PoliSci and then 10 years later I went back to school again and studied art/design for 4 yrs. The art/design experience was awesome! Loved being a student the second time around! I'm still trying to figure out things now :)

Constantinos said...

great work...!

cserdan said...

you ARE talented!!! you need to post more of these!

Bijoux said...

Thanks Charlene! I will, I still have to scan the projector slides I have from 1988 - LOL!