Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back to life

After a long hiatus, I've decided to return to this fair-weather blog of mine. I'm not sure why I have neglected this blog other than the fact that I dislike writing about myself. Yes, you heard correct. I'm one of those people that rather keep her thoughts hidden in the depths of her brain. Sometimes this is counterproductive. Like the dozens of times when I can't remember my dentist appointment because I did not write it down right away. At the time I had convinced myself I would remember it. Guess what? I didn't! Thank goodness for reminder calls.

Blogs are about writing and communicating. It's an on-line diary. I never had a diary as a kid or a tween or a teen. Never! I did not understand the concept of a diary and why would I want to write things down if I can keep them locked in my head for ever...where nobody could find them. Not even me!

It's true. I once used to pride myself on remembering all kinds of details and information and, I'm lucky if I can remember my best friend's telephone number. Aging does that to you.

So, where was I ? Yes, I have neglected this blog for awhile because I have been doing other things that have taken up precedence in my life. Like what, you ask? Well, like getting back into making jewellery. My Etsy shop is no longer functioning and I doubt I will re-activate it for selling purposes. However, I will keep my account on Etsy because I LOVE shopping there.

It feels good to be creating once again. I sure have missed it. I'm not sure how I will pursue the selling aspect of my jewellery production. My friends are very fortunate gals, especially at Christmas time and on their birthday. They know what they will be getting: one of my creations. Sometimes it's earrings. Sometimes it's a necklace. They are always so grateful to wear my pieces and incredibly supportive about my craft.

I have been working steadily on an on-line portfolio, which will showcase my jewellery and also other creative projects. The portfolio will display images of all the things I've worked on in the past like my medical device thesis from OCAD, my charcoal drawings of nudes, my oil and acrylic paintings of yesteryear (as far back as high school) and some very old, out-dated fashion design illustrations that I drew back in junior high. I unearthed a series of drawings from my parents basement a few months ago that I had not laid eyes upon for 20 years. Both my husband and friends who saw these drawings were amazed that I made them because I had never talked about them or showed them to anyone in years! This show-and-tell resulted in many questions from friends about why I never pursued fashion design or illustration as a career. Well, it's a long story but I'll give you a hint..."whaaat iz dis, you want to be a fasion design? Dat is ridicula. No ay, you going to you-niverseti to be a tea-cher!" Need I say more?

So without further blah-blah, here are a couple of images of my recent jewellery work.


kickpleat said...

Hooray for sharing! Show and tells are the best. Congrats on getting your portfolio up and I can't wait to see it.

Bijoux said...

I'm having to take my time with this on-line portfolio as I'm still trying to locate sketches and things to photograph from my stacks of sketch books. I was hoping to have the site up and running by now.

dawn said...

hey! thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I do give away most of my stuff that I bake. I have to or else I'd weigh 500 lbs.

Bijoux said...

Hi Dawn, Same here. When I bake a dessert, I make sure I can give some away to my neighbours or friends. Sweets are my weakness :)