Thursday, November 13, 2008


Surprise! I painted my kitchen.

Just kidding, this isn't my kitchen. It's a photo I found on Flickr.

I really like this shade of green. It has inspired me to paint my overly white kitchen this juicy, fresh shade of green.

I stopped by The Home Depot today and picked out a whole selection of paint swatches in greens, blues, beiges, browns, whites.

The photo above shows the entrance and partial living room space of the house. My husband really does not like the mocha-coloured walls (says it's too dark) and I'm not a huge fan either, so we have decided to paint the living room and adjoining dining area. I have not yet decided on the colour of choice but more than likely it will be a lighter shade of the existing colour.

Another thing that both my husband and I do not like is this peg-board box that is currently covering the radiators on the main floor. Not only does it decrease the heat efficiency in the house but it is also an eye-sore. There are three of them in the living room/dining area. And one in the kitchen. We are not sure if we should leave them there for now, or tear them out. Tearing them out would cause damage to the floors, walls and surround molding. If we leave them there until next summer we will have to paint them now with the new wall colour.

Can you say Pepto-Bismol? This pink colour has got to go! Two coats of primer are required to effectively rid the pink tinge off the walls before a new colour is applied. I'm leaning towards a deep blue-gray shade.

And for you Toronto Maple Leaf fans, how about a two-toned navy blue and white basement for your viewing pleasure? Seems the previous man of the house had installed his very own hockey shrine in the basement. We are not keeping the colour scheme. We will be painting the entire basement a solid white colour to brighten up the space.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?


cserdan said...

love that green for the kitchen - so fresh!!!! go for it!

I wouldn't go with white in the basement as it is easy for a basement to look cold. We did ours in Benjamin Moore "Sea Spray" - it is a gorgeous light taupey colour and it makes our basement feel very light and warm. We loved it so much that we repainted our living and dining with it.

The house is lookin' good!

Bijoux said...

Thanks C!
You make a valid point about the basement wall colour. I checked out the "sea spray" colour on-line and it is really nice. Thanks for the tip. Our first step is priming the walls, then I'll finally pick out the paint colours.

kickpleat said...

i LOVE that green colour...i had pretty much that exact shade in a kitchen i had 7 years ago and always loved it.

and so do you have kids or what? i spy a lot of baby things there? is something up??

Bijoux said...

LOL! No, kids kickpleat :) Those toys belong to the previous home owners' children. I snapped these photos during a routine visit to take measurements, before the previous family had fully moved out.

Right now the house is being primed in white. Then I'll be adding the various colours to the rooms.

kickpleat said...

haha, i thought i must have been the previous owners things! crazy pepto pink walls!! i can't wait to see all of your colours. post photos as you go!