Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm it!

I've just been tagged by the very talented, jewelry designer, Charlene of "Adding a Little Colour to Life."

The rules:
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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here's the dirt on me:
1. I'm a night owl. I do my most creative thinking late at night, usually after midnight.
2. Long fingernails and toenails on people is a BIG pet peeve of mine.
3. I think I've got the widest hips of anyone I know. It makes buying jeans extremely difficult.
4. I can go for weeks without listening to music. Then one day, a song will pop into my head and I will become obsessed with that song until I listen to it half a dozen times.
5. I like hiding behind doors and jumping out and scaring my husband when he least suspects it.
6. I have an extremely acute sense of smell to the point where I will get a headache from scented products or other foul odours like sewage or rotting garbage.
7. My favourite film genre is horror movies. I watch them all year round and not just during Halloween season. I prefer movies about hauntings and the supernatural as opposed to slasher flicks.

I'm tagging:
Kickpleat of "The Small Joys"
Laurie of "Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska"
Lindyloo of "Yeah, that Vegan Shit"
Megan of "Raised on Sunshine"
Kalliope of "ich Kalliope"
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cserdan said...

I love reading this stuff about people!

Long toe nails - ewwwwww!!!! That's gross to think about.

As for horror movies have you seen the Orphanage? I guess it is more thriller than horror but I thought it was really well done.

Bijoux said...

cserdan: I have seen "The Orphanage" and thought it was amazing. I'd gladly watch it again. I also recommended it to Lorelei recently. What a coincidence, we must have a psychic connection :-D LOL

kallipe said...

Thank you for the tag! It was a bit more difficult than it looked wasn't it?!? Hey just for the record, the "hip" thing must have something to do with our heritage or our profession! I'm right there with you!

Bijoux said...

Kalliope: Yes, it did prove to be a challenge coming up with 7 items to mention and also 7 people that would not mind being tagged.

The hip thing is definitely a cultural thing, although when I'm in Greece, I still think I have larger hips than the average Greek lady.

Wow! I had not realized that you too were an industrial designer!! Is it hard to find work in that field in Portland, Oregon ? It's proven very challenging for me here in my city to find work in ID. I think I would have been better off studying interior design or advertising.

kalliope said...

Hi Bijoux, I'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulties finding work in the Industrial Design area. Women designers are so difficult to find, but so critical to the success of businesses today. I have been practicing design for nearly three decades, and there was a time early on that I had a job that I wasn't crazy about, but I've been lucky most of the way! I still love what I do, and think that ID is the most fascinating of all design practices!!

It sounds like it might be a Toronto "thing". With your background you could easily work in the fields of Interior Design or Advertising. Don't stay out of product design for too long if you're real passion is that! Good Luck.

Dawn said...

Ohhh I'm with you on the toenail stuff! Yick!
I didn't know you got your haircut. You know it came out great. I am so leary of going short short, but girl this one came out great on you. You have the shape/face for it indeed. Rock it!!
I am soooo not a night owl. I'm sleepy by 8pm and asleep by 9pm. Weird huh?

Bijoux said...

Kalliope: I graduated 5 years ago from ID and have not had any success in landing a job in what I studied. I have tried getting a job many times in ID and other creative areas like interior design and marketing but have had no luck. As a result, I have been accepting jobs in reception or office admin out of desperation...which I dislike a great deal. It's not just me. I know of a few other women that are experiencing the same problem. Yes, it is definitely a Toronto thing!!

Dawn: LOL!! I have to say that I am a bit obsessed about unkempt feet, especially men's feet LOL. I've seen some nasty feet out there on the streets in the summer time. It literally makes my skin crawl.
Thanks for the thumbs up on my haircut! Glad you like it. I think I'll keep it for a while as I'm having fun with it too; what little there is of it anyway.