Friday, August 15, 2008

The nose knows.

I happened to be in Greek town (the Danforth area) today and I popped into The Big Carrot to browse. Nay, scratch that. There is no way you can go to The Big Carrot and just browse.

For those of you not familiar with The Big Carrot, it is a supermarket that sells organic produce and food that caters to the alternative diet: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. It's kind of like Whole Foods but smaller scale. There is also a cosmetic and toiletry section that is stocked with natural and safe beauty products like hair colour without harmful chemicals and oodles of vegan skin care products, paraben-free bath products, massage oils, soaps, lipsticks, soy candles, and fragrances. All meant to be safe for you. Amen.

So while I was at The Big Carrot, I picked up some tempeh and almond milk and some other food items. Then I went to browse at the skin care products. I came across several brands that appealed to me: Ecco Bella, Jurlique, Weleda, and Dr. Hauschka. I was very tempted to make a few purchases, but I didn't. It's called willpower...!

Then I arrived at the fragrances and saw the Pacifica line on the shelf. Never having heard of them, I decided to see if their fragrances were any good. There are around 12 different fragrances to choose from: Nerola Orange Blossom, Mediterranean Fig, Tahitian Gardenia, Spanish Amber, and many others.

I immediately began spritzing myself to determine which fragrance I liked best. Well, I couldn't decide as I had several favourites! I tend to like light citrusy scents or "green" fresh smelling fragrances. I really liked the Mediterranean Fig, and it's not because I happen to have roots in the Mediterranean. The scent of the Mediterranean fig was subtle and fresh with a tiny bit of sweetness. I was smitten. I also enjoyed the Nerola Orange Blossom. Hurray, I found a fragrance that did not make me feel like puking and did not give me a headache.

Just to digress, there have been instances when I have been riding the bus or subway and someone has sprayed too much perfume or cologne on them, that I have become really ill. This perfume will not do that to me because it does not have synthetic additives and other nasties. Here is a caption from the Pacifica website discussing why their perfumes are so great:

"Pacifica's fragrances are beautiful, inspired blends that draw from classic, as well as unexpected, essences. Our fragrances truly set us apart from all other candles on the market. We use essential oils, natural fragrances, and only the best raw materials in creating our essences. As a result of our commitment to purity, our essences are of a higher quality than those of our competitors. Equally as important, we refuse to use Pthalates in our essences. Pthalates, chemicals commonly used to dilute fragrances and make them more soluble in wax, have been linked to respiratory problems."

Who wants to wear perfume that is laden with Pthalates and hormone disruptor chemicals. I certainly don't and I don't think you would either.

Although I did not purchase 'said' perfume, I will be going back there at a later date to pick it up. I'm waiting to finish off my Weleda Citrus deodorant body spray first. Another superb product that I have been enjoying all summer. The freshness of this body spray is so energizing. A definite pick me up that wakes up your senses and lets you smell like a tall glass of fresh lemonade. Click here to see a YouTube video about how Weleda is working with the WWF to save the endangered, wild (and certified organic) arnica plant in Romania.

Let's drink to healthy and incredible smelling body products!!


Laurie Constantino said...

It looks like a fun store to shop in and I wish it were in my town. It would help me with my current shopping issue: what to buy for our friends and family on the island. Coming up with new things every year tnat they will actually like is a probelm. That store looks like it would help. And if you have any genious suggestions, I'd be glad to hear hem.

kickpleat said...

that perfume sounds wonderful! i'll have to go seek it out.

cserdan said...

I'm going to have to take a run up there and check out the toiletries. I missed that section last time!

Bijoux said...

laurie: It can be quite a dilemma when it comes to shopping for people on the island. My mother always had one full suitcase alloted to gifts for relatives and friends in Greece. Most relatives have passed away and the few that remain usually request something specific like bed sheets or yards of fabric. I have no genious suggestions to offer but kitchen gadgets is always a good choice like a "Starfrit" can opener or silicon oven mitts, and a solar powered flashlight would be a hit with the men...many sporting goods stores carry them

kickpleat: if you do seek it out let me know what you think - curious to hear which scent(s) you liked - I had a hard time deciding

cserdan: glad to hear that you are also a Big Carrot shopper - sometimes I deliberately avoid going into the toiletries section because I know I will spend: a) an hour in there b) a big sum of cash LOL

kalliope said...

You may want to buy a Pacifica candle, they are quite good! They originated here in Portland, Oregon and are a true success story.

Bijoux said...

Thanks Kalliope!! I will keep that in mind next time I'm at the Big Carrot.