Monday, July 21, 2008

Bijoux's new jewellery on Etsy

After a bit (who am I kidding) - A LOT of thinking, I decided to give my jewellery shop on Etsy a bit of a makeover. Nothing too major. Just a new banner which I created myself and some new items, like the earrings that you see on the right sidebar.

The rings, although not recently made, have been re-posted on the shop with a new, lower price point. These are the only rings I have in my collection and I won't be making any new ones until these sell, so get 'em while they last.

One of my inspirations for creating new pieces of jewellery, is thinking about exotic, distant lands, that I would like to visit one day: I was inspired by Morocco! I love the use of vivid colours in Moroccan tapestries and home decor. I love Moroccan jewellery. Heck, I even love Moroccan food. I made a necklace with this in mind. I pay homage to Morocco by using an assortment of second-hand beads that I picked up at a flea market over a year ago. These beads just shouted "Morocco!" and so a new necklace was born.

I have only listed 10 items for now but will be adding more to the batch on a regular basis. Coming soon are some new bracelets that I am working on and many more necklaces, some new and some re-structured.

Go ahead, take a peek. Tell me what you think.


kickpleat said...

really nice pieces and your shop revamp looks good too. good work and good luck with your sales :)

cserdan said...

very pretty! I love the Moroccan one!

Bijoux said...

thanks kickpleat!! I'm giving it one last attempt at selling on Etsy. I hope this does the trick and increases my sales!

cserdan, thanks! I like Moroccan influences too!